A Love Letter to Letter UP'ers

A Love Letter to Letter UP’ers

A Love Letter
to Letter UP'ers
Dear Players,   LoveLetterWe don't get enough of a chance to reach out to you on a more personal level and say hello. First off, we want to thank you for playing Letter UP. We're so happy that we have genuine fans of the game -- we love seeing you at the tables! Some of you have even eclipsed the 3,000 game mark, which is quite amazing and impressive. We're glad that you're enjoying the game so much.   1 Million Games Played I thought I'd start off with a big milestone for us. Last month, our players passed the 1 Million Games Played milestone. Again, all the thanks go to our players. There is literally no way we can reach this kind of milestone without you! So we're very happy that you're enjoying Letter UP to this extent.   Fantastic Survey Participation We received hundreds of survey responses for our New User, Friends List, and Tablet surveys. Thank you for your participation. It really helps guide us in terms of what we focus on next. We truly want to make the game that you want to play, and the game you want it to become. The recently released features that I talk about below come directly from your feedback.   Shorter Games with Letter UP RUSH LetterUPRush While we know many of our players like a gradual, relaxed game of Letter UP (hi Letter UP Chatters!), we also know that many other players are looking for something much faster. This is how Letter UP RUSH was born. So we did something radical: cut the tile count by nearly 50% (102 to 54) and chose a 90-second turn time. The response, particularly from new players, has been astoundingly positive. People just love the 10-minute games and being able to squeeze a few more games in before bedtime :). So, thanks to those that have been playing and supporting RUSH!   Uniting Different Types of Players Can Be Challenging We were admittedly overzealous in our excitement about RUSH. The response was so positive that we thought we had just invented electricity, or at least sliced bread. But in our rollout of the new lobby, where we placed most of our players in Letter UP Version 2 where RUSH is at the forefront, we found that many of our players don't want a super quick game, and they really like how the existing lobby worked. So for the overzealousness (how many points for this word?), we apologize. In the future, we do want to do a better job of unifying the experience so that you can get to the games you want, with the people that you want, in a very simple manner. And you can be sure we'll be as thoughtful as possible to all our players while still trying to push Letter UP forward in a positive way. Some of our clever players have noticed that we're releasing new features predominantly in Letter UP V2. It gets very tricky to maintain multiple codebases, so V2 is getting the lion's share of new features. So that's why we hope to have a unified experience that satisfies players (new and old), and lets our most loyal players enjoy the latest improvements. Here's a few of them.   Reconnecting after Disconnecting Losing games midway through is painful. It's happened to us many times. And we know this is a big issue with our players. So a few weeks ago we released a feature where your game is SAVED for 60 seconds. If you hop back in before then, voila, your game is there. We think players are really going to appreciate this. Please try it out. [Again, just in V2]   Surrender SomSurrenderFlagetimes you're just getting your butt kicked. It's inevitable. Before your options were to either Leave forcibly to the Lobby and look like a total quitter, or just grind it out and be a good sport even though there are 30 tiles still in the bag. With Surrender, you wave the white flag, end the game, but STAY in the game so that you can Rematch the person that just whooped you. Because next game, you're going to win and even the score! And it's just great if you do even the score, because then you're both 1 and 1, so you *absolutely* must play the third game to see who's the victor supreme! As you can tell, I'm excited about this feature and have some history surrendering, but it's a great, gracious time-saving feature, so please try it out!   Re-loading to Get Going Recently we put a nice little button called "Refresh" on the loading screen. After a certain amount of time, it will appear just in case there were any issues during loading the game. Sometimes the internet is disagreeable, so if things seem to be stalled, just hit the Refresh button. In my testing, I've seen 100% success when I hit it.   Learning Obscure 3-Letter Words During Matchmaking 3-wordPreview Again, based on survey results, we saw that people really do not like waiting to be matched up with someone. Even though we've dramatically improved the average matching time, we still were thinking of ways to make the experience better. So we released the 3-Letter Word Flashcards, which will appear while you're waiting to be matched up with someone. Once someone's in, they will go away so you can get your game on. Early feedback seems quite positive. Who doesn't need to be reminded that CEE, KUE and LEV are actually legitimate words?   What's Next for Letter UP? It's hard to predict the future. If I could, I would have bet everything on the Seahawks crushing the spread in this year's Super Bowl, but I can't, so I didn't :). So I can't promise that all these things will happen, but here's what the team is thinking right now. Getting Letter UP on mobile devices (you did fill out the tablet survey right?) and increasing the social-ness of the game, likely via a Friends List of some sort (which also had its own survey!). We think these are important, yet non-trivial tasks to complete, but we believe both features will enhance the overall "good-ness" of Letter UP. Playing with friends and acquaintances is fun, and playing with friends anywhere you want is even better! So that's what we're thinking right now.   But this is a great chance for you to tell us what's important! We think our Fan Page on Facebook is the best way to get your feedback. It's just very organized there. So please, say hello, drop us a line, let us know what you're thinking about Letter UP! And from the bottom of our hearts, thanks again for playing Letter UP! Love, The Letter UP Team