Announcing "Friendly Matches" in Letter UP Mobile!

Announcing “Friendly Matches” in Letter UP Mobile!

Announcing "Friendly Matches" in Letter UP Mobile!

We are so happy to announce the release of Friendly Matches for Letter UP!  As of today, it's only for Android, but we'll be updating the iOS and Facebook versions of Letter UP in the coming weeks.  Playing with Facebook Friends was a real hit for our Facebook players, so we've been hard at work at getting this right for mobile.  So I wanted to walk you through the experience so you're familiar with it, and to show you how we've made it super simple for people to hop into games with their friends.  We always admired how simple Xbox Live made things to start playing with  friends in multiplayer games, so you'll see some of that thinking in our invitation system.   The new Main Menu the new Play With Friends button:


We definitely made sure you couldn't miss it!  Note that you have to be logged in with Facebook since you will be inviting and playing with Facebook Friends.  Once you hit the button and choose either Rush (54 tiles) or Classic (104 tiles), you can select who to invite to a game.  These are Facebook Friends that have Letter UP installed (the Invite button at the very bottom is used to invite people who don't have it installed...yet!). If people are currently playing Letter UP, they'll show up at the top of the list.  If they are available to play immediately, just hit the PLAY button and an in-game invite will be sent.  If they are in the middle of a game, we will show you how many tiles are remaining in their game.  This way, you can estimate how quickly they'll be done.  Best to choose the person with the least amount of tiles, unless you're sure the person you invite will quit their game to join you right away.   The Invite Menu.  Ralph only has 15 tiles left in his current game.


Here's what the invite looks like as the recipient.  You can Decline or Accept to play right away.  Or if you are in a game, you can tell the Inviter that you will play immediately following the current game.

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 4.58.01 PM

One really cool thing about this system is that no matter what game you are currently playing (with another friend, Quick Play with a random player), you will automatically go into your friend's game.  Just quit or finish your current game, exit out of the Game Summary screen, and voila!  You're in your friends game, ready to throw down some tiles. The other invitation situation is if your friend is offline.  There are two choices here.  First, you can fire off an email to them to let them know that you're online and ready to play Letter UP.  You can enter your own text into the email.  There's simple instructions in the mail to create a Letter UP match with you. The second option I think is really slick.  You can send a Facebook Request to your friend, letting them know that you're ready to play.  Once they receive it in their mobile Facebook app, all they have to do is click on the Request and boom!  Letter UP will be opened up and they will automatically be taken into the game that you invited them to!  We call it "1-Click & In".  We're going to strive to make all invitation channels "1 Click & In".  We've got a couple more cool invitation channels coming on the horizon so stay tuned for those. Your Invite Options for Offline Friends


Here's what the Facebook Request will look like.  Hit Send here.

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 5.45.35 PM

Here's what the Request will look like from the Recipient's view.  Just "1-Click & In" to start playing!

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 5.50.24 PM

So now you're familiar with the overall flow of the invitation system.  We think once you use it once or twice, you'll be very comfortable with it. There is one thing I wanted to mention about being the Inviter.  Once you've invited someone to a game of Rush (54 tiles), you have to wait until they come in to play with you before you can actually start playing.  You can't "leave" or the game won't exist anymore.  And if your phone goes to sleep while you're waiting, the game will expire as well (we're looking into keeping your phone awake during this period to avoid this).  So you have to be a little patient.  If you do leave, your friend will just end up going to the Main Menu if they were offline, or if they were playing Quick Play, they will just continue playing Quick Play matches.  That's why it makes sense to invite people who aren't currently playing, or only have a few tiles left -- so you don't have to wait around. Now for Classic (up to 4 players with 104 tiles), you can invite multiple friends at a time since you can have up to 4 players there.  In this situation, you can just decide to start a game with less than 4 players and the match is created.  We have been talking about bringing this multi-select functionality over to Rush.  This way, you can invite multiple friends, and then the first friend to accept your invite will be who you start a game with.  We're thinking of limiting your invites at a time to 5 to avoid spamming. So phew!  That's the overview of Friend Matches.  We know it's version 1 so we are very eager to hear your feedback.  But I think a lot of thought, love and hard work went into this feature, so please, try it out and start having fun with your friends! It's available in the Google Play Store here.  iOS & Web versions coming very soon.