Featured by Apple & Google: Word Smart's Valentine's Day Event!

Featured by Apple & Google: Word Smart’s Valentine’s Day Event!

Featured by Apple & Google: Word Smart's Valentine's Day Event!

The team was absolutely thrilled to see that we were featured by BOTH Apple and Google for our limited time Valentine's Day Event in Word Smart.  Love is certainly in the air during this time of year, so we thought it would be a great event for our players to do something special for them.  Fortunately for us, Apple and Google loved what we did too! The Apple Feature under the Games We Love category:



The Google Feature in the Make Your Soul Happy category:


Our specific placement within the section:


Featuring means a lot to any gaming company.  The obvious reason is the sheer amount of installs you get from people browsing the App Stores.  But the other is deeper than that, and that is the validation you are receiving from Apple and Google that "Yes, your game is legit.  It beat out literally thousands of other games to get this level of support from us."  Game development is harder, much harder than anyone can imagine.  So when you get these types of pats on the back, it's meaningful.  Not just to our investors and business partners, but to the development team themselves, who are working day and night to make the games come to life. So this one's for the great team at Flow State!  Thanks Bob, Rommel, Jon, Harold, Edward, Josh, Brian and Kris for all the crazy hard work! Check out some screenshots from the event:

IMG_4069 IMG_4070 IMG_4071 love poem