Flow State Releases "Word Smart™: Brain Game" on iOS & Android

Flow State Releases “Word Smart™: Brain Game” on iOS & Android

Flow State Releases "Word SmartTM: Brain Game" on iOS & Android!

In January, after several important iterations of the game in 2015, we launched "Word Smart™: Brain Game" on iOS & Android.  We have been absolutely stoked about its reception and progress.  The game is extremely simple: unjumble a set of letters to find ALL possible words, anywhere from 1 to 4 words.  That's the twist that makes it unique: we're the only word game that we know of that makes you solve for ALL the possible words.  It's a great exercise for the brain, and this approach has drawn kudos from many word game players, as other titles make you form very specific words, and it's up the level designer's discretion what word actually works, even though you may "see" several answers. On iOS, CLICK HERE.  An Android, CLICK HERE. Here's our App Preview video (simple and to the point for now):



And here's a few screenshots:  

  owl filer shop  

It's super simple, and super awesome!  Give it a try, and send us mail at help@flowstatemedia.com for any feedback!