"Friendly Matches" Live on All Platforms!

“Friendly Matches” Live on All Platforms!

"Friendly Matches" Live on All Platforms!

We're excited to announce that Friendly Matches are now LIVE on iPhone, iPad, Android and Facebook!  Now whatever your device, you can challenge your Facebook Friends to a game of Letter UP.  We went over a lot of the details in our previous post, so in this post we're sharing a few short videos that explain the ins and out of inviting and receiving game invites.  Don't worry, it's super easy! This first video shows you how to invite online Friends that are playing Letter UP, either in a game or at the main menu:



On the receiver's side, it's simple.  Just answer Yes or No.  If you answer Yes while in a game, you will automatically be taken to your Friendly Match after the current game is done, either via quitting or completing the game.  Very cool!  Note: This video is of the Facebook version. The mobile version works identically.



This next video shows you how to invite offline Friends that aren't currently playing.  You can either send them Requests that they will receive in their Facebook Mobile App or via email (Facebook Requests are quicker though):    Now this is really cool.



We call it "1-Click & In".  If you receive a Letter UP Request on your Facebook Mobile App, all you need to do is click on the notification.  Once you do that, we will open the Letter UP app for you, and then take you all the way into the Friendly Match!  Now, you will have needed to have logged in with Facebook before this, but even if you didn't, just log in with Facebook and boom!  You're taken to the Friendly Match.  Check out the video:



Like I say in the videos, that's it!  All your Facebook Friends that have installed Letter UP will automatically show up in your invite list, with those currently online sorted first.  But of course, don't be afraid to hit the "Invite" button to spread the word and get more of your Friends into the Letter UP family!  So give Friendly Matches a try, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.  And let us know of any feedback, thanks!